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21st February 2018 
Counselling for Relationships #01

Relationship Counselling For Couples

Most relationships run into difficulty sooner or later and could use a little help to get back on track. This can be hard to acknowledge as we can easily slip into viewing problems in our relationship with our partner as a sign of our own personal failure. Many of us feel vulnerable in this area as we experience a pressure to maintain an appearance, even to ourselves, of a successful and happy marriage or partnership. However, with a little support, understanding and learning, our relationships can be transformed into the loving, safe and mutually enjoyable experience we would like them to be.

There are also times when it would be better for all concerned if the relationship ended. Getting clarity on whether or not to pursue our relationship and try more, or whether to work towards ending can be a difficult dilemma. Again support and understanding can be invaluable at a time when we might feel that our world is falling apart.

Using a combination of counselling and psychoeducational skills, I can support you and your partner on your journey towards healing your troubled relationship, or getting clarity on your future together or apart.

A few sessions is often all that's required to get couples back on track and into a better place with each other. For others, longer term work is needed to heal the rift or come to a decision about the future. I offer a flexible approach in terms of the number of appointments you may need, whether it be short or longer term work.

We often expect a lot from our relationships but give them low priority in terms of investing the time, money and new learning required to keep them alive. We can hold an expectation that if my partner loved me enough everything would be alright and work perfectly. In fact, our partnerships are probably the single most important aspect of our life and need to be treated with loving care and nurtured accordingly. Learning how and why our current styles of communication, expression and hearing may not be serving us, and learning new ways can powerfully improve our enjoyment and sense of affection for each other.